Thomas Henry Tonic Water is so good because of its high quinine content and slight floral citrus aromas. The cinchona bark’s bitterness is perfectly balanced by the fruity-sweet aromas of the citrus fruit. Thomas Henry Tonic Water is a refreshing taste experience and perfectly pairs with every gin. A classic because of its balance, fine scent, and perfect perlage. The mild yet powerful character hides its secret well: tonic water was first invented as a medicine against malaria in the tropical colonies. Today, Thomas Henry Tonic Water is at home in the best bars in the world, not only refining Gin & Tonics, but many other classic drinks as well.

Thomas Henry Slim Tonic abides by the well-known rule that less is more. The contemporary, modern tonic water boasts a reduced sweetness and instead directs focus to its dry and complex aroma. Slim Tonic is light and allows a good gin an unusual amount of space to unfold its taste. The perfectly balanced perlage supports the gin’s botanicals expansion. Thomas Henry Slim Tonic makes for elegant, dry, and powerful enjoyment.

Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic is created out of the true harmony between flowery elderflower and a gentle bitterness from the quinine. The elegance of the elderflower adds a whole new dimension to the sensory world of tonic. In the tradition of mixologists who like to give classic drinks a “twist”, we have reinterpreted the tonic water: through the taste of elderflower, which for centuries has been known for its healing power and floral taste.

Cherry blossom season is a very special time of year, not only in Japan. The blossom’s vivid colours herald the start of spring, while the days are getting longer and warmer.

Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic seizes this unique natural spectacle. The gentle bitterness of our Tonic Water meets the floral fruitiness of the cherry. It tastes great on its own and is a great companion for a choice gin or vodka.

Strong and surprisingly spicy – this is Thomas Henry Ginger Beer. All over the world people appreciate the unique taste of Ginger Beer, straight or in long drinks like Moscow Mule with vodka or Dark’n’Stormy with rum. It’s the first ginger lemonade made and bottled in Germany based on the model of English “Ginger Beer”.

A very special refreshment for all senses. More ginger. More spiciness.

Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon is the classic in perfection. A balanced ratio of sweetness and acidity with some extra quinine for subtle bitterness. Mildly spicy and all-natural citrus and lime flavours will make your taste buds explode in pleasure. It’s a stylish choice for purists. And a perfect fit for a perfect mix.

Connoisseurs of classic long drinks, as well as purists and experimenters will acquire a taste for Thomas Henry Ginger Ale. Its intense, natural ginger flavour with a moderate spiciness makes it the best choice. Whether it is for sheer pleasure or more ginger in the mix, taste comes first. The rest is to be discovered.

This traditional product in the Thomas Henry family bears the hallmark of the soda water inventor. Thomas Henry Soda Water unfolds the fullest flavour of liqueur in cocktails and long drinks. Sparkling natural mineral water with very finely dispersed carbonic dioxide inside, and pure style outside. Our classic looks damn good. Fresh, clear, sexy.

Thomas Henry Mystic Mango spices up the queen of fruits’ unique sweetness with the taste of the tartish and mystic pitanga fruit. On its own, on the rocks with a slice of lime or in a long drink – it’s your summer break in a bottle.

Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit is a grapefruit lemonade and intended for big things. The unique fusion of sweet and sour makes the fruit a perfect base for a refreshing lemonade. Neat, on ice with lime, or in a long drink — Pink Grapefruit is perfect for many occasions. It is essential for a Paloma, but also tastes great with whiskey, vodka, cachaça, or rum.

Thomas Henry Coffee Tonic is an irresistible combination between Cold Brew and Tonic Water. Cold Brew — the coffee drink of the moment — is so much more than simply cold coffee. Our Latin American 100% Arabica beans are submerged in chilled water for hours, in order to fully extract the bean’s full, fine taste. Well made Cold Brew boasts an elegant, discreet acidity with a fine bitterness. Paired with our excellent Thomas Henry Tonic Water, Coffee Tonic is aromatic, stimulating, and intense in taste. Elegant citrus aromas are joined and balanced by aromatic coffee notes. A unique taste experience.

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