IWA is a new sake from Japan created by former Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy. Born of a profound respect for tradition paired with the constant need to experiment, IWA is contributing to a new craft of sake.


IWA’s singularity lies in its perfect balance and spaciousness, a unique character primarily achieved through the unprecedented use of blending. A constellation of passionate and creative minds brought IWA to life. The brewery is being built by Kengo Kuma in Western Japan.


The bottle and glassware were designed by Marc Newson. The logo and visual identity were created by Hideki Nakajima in collaboration with calligrapher Mariko Kinoshita.


IWA 5 is composed from a blend of three different rice varieties – Yamada Nishiki, Omachi, Gohyakumanoku – and five different yeast strains. The result is a sake with notes of plum, almond, butter and orange.



In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Duvel Moortgat, the Belgian family brewery, have devoted their relentless passion and patience to create a new and special Duvel. One that embodies all the daring, youthful spirit and slightly duvelish character of our team… A beer that offers the perfect balance between Belgium’s rich brewing heritage and contemporary innovation… In short, a Duvel that is nothing short of pure temptation!

Style: Belgian Blond Ale, with refermentation in the bottle.

Appearance: Fully bodied blond with a beautiful, natural haziness.

Aroma: Well balanced with fruity, soft finish. Lively, fruity aromas thanks to the use of orange zest and dry hopping.

Ingredients: Malt: Malted barley, malted wheat. Hops: 6 refined hop varieties.

ALC: 6,66%

DRY GRAPE VARIETY at least 85% Glera.

COLOUR: straw yellow with a fine, lively and persistent perlage.

BOUQUET: elegant with scents of wildflowers, pleasantly fruity with notes of apples, pears and peaches.

FLAVOUR: savoury, full and balanced; its sweetness is contained and accompanied by an intense and elegant fruitiness.

This elegant Cuvée Rosé harks back to the good old days of “Bel Star” a term meaning a good place to stay in the local dialect, typical of the 1950’s. The sugar content is pleasantly unique on the palate and the south facing vineyards contribute to a better ripening of the grape clusters, releasing the bouquet of delicious fruity and floral aromas that reawaken in the flute.

Colour: brilliant, delicate shade of rosé.

Perlage: fine and persistent.

Bouquet: fruity, red fruits, cherries, citrus fruits, slight spicy notes of mint, thyme and tomato leaves, elegantly floral, fresh and pleasant yet complex.

Flavour: elegant and smooth in the mouth with a fruity aftertaste and persistent floral notes.

Suggestions: excellent as an aperitif and paired with starters which may also be cheese and vegetable base

The historic wine of Ferrari and a manifesto for the perfect combination of Trentino’s terroir with Chardonnay grapes.

Denomination TRENTODOC grapes 100% Chardonnay, picked by hand between the end of August and the beginning of September.

Alcohol level 12.5% vol.


Appearance: lively straw yellow with faint greenish highlights. Fine and persistent perlage

Nose: fresh, intense, with a broad fruity note of ripe Golden Delicious apples, and wild flowers, underpinned by a delicate scent of yeast

Palate: harmonious and well-balanced, with an attractive undertone of ripe fruit and hints of crusty bread

Obtained from a premium blend of Pinot Noir grapes (vinified as a rosé) with Chardonnay, this is a delicate and intriguing Trentodoc.

Denomination TRENTODOC grapes Pinot Noir 60% and Chardonnay 40%, picked by hand from the end of August to the beginning of September.

Alcohol level 12.5% vol.


Appearance: Coppery, tending towards old rose. The perlage is fine and persistent.

Nose: Distinguished and of remarkable finesse, with a fresh fragrance of hawthorn flowers and hints of currants and wild strawberries.

Palate: Dry, clean and elegant, with a delicate background of sweet almonds and aromatic musk; remarkably persistent.

A vintage Trentodoc of indisputable quality, obtained exclusively from carefully selected Chardonnay grapes. After long maturation in the bottle, this Blanc de Blancs is a synthesis of elegance, freshness and harmonious complexity.

Denomination TRENTODOC grapes A strict selection of only Chardonnay grapes, picked by hand.

Alcohol level 12.5% vol.


Appearance: Deep yellow with golden highlights. The perlage is extremely fine and persistent.

Nose: A particularly fine, intense bouquet, with hints of almond blossom and reinette apples; slightly spicy and with a hint of bread crust.

Palate: Seductive and elegant, with a very persistent velvety texture, in which one finds a light fruity note of ripe apples, pleasant hints of yeast and sweet almonds and a faintly aromatic quality that is typical of Chardonnay.


A sample of Cretan island’s terroir great potential combined with modern methods of wine making. A pleasantly aromatic and refreshing dry white wine from the local variety Vidiano.


Results from 100% free run must, following a skin contact procedure. It is characterized by aromatic intensity, a well developed body with gentle finesse and a very enjoyable and fresh aftertaste.

It should be served at 12º – 14ºC and can be perfectly paired with greasy fishes, rich summer salads and saucy white meat plates.

Bottled at the factories of BELUGA GROUP since the end of the 19th century, it is named Belenkaya (which means whitish) because of its purity. The purest water and high quality Lux spirit are the key ingredients of this classic Russian vodka. An unforgettable flavour and a noble aroma provide this great beverage with an irresistible sensibility. The purest drinking water tinctures vodka softness, while natural rice and raisins infusions make the taste extra mild and provide unforgettable delicate aftertaste.


Each drop of Belenkaya Vodka passes through 13 metres of charcoal filter getting a unique soft vodka taste and aroma. This unique filtration technology allowed us to raise the quality of vodka to a new level – for Belenkaya we developed intra-corporate quality standards that exceed the requirements of Russian National Standards. These requirements are strictly observed by all the plants that produce Belenkaya.


Due to its consistently high quality, Belenkaya is the winner of the national award “Product of the Year” in the category “Vodka” for 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

PDO SANTORINI, 100% Assyrtiko

The premium Santorini Assyrtiko Wine, has been named as Afoura, after the large oak barrels that were used traditionally in Santorini to age their fine wines.

Tasting Notes: Complex nose with aromas of flint, minerals, dried citrus peel and sweet aromas of honey and bergamot. Abundant minerality and allusions of tobacco and nuts. Exuberant palate with crisp acidity and immense aftertaste.

Accompanies: Grilled fatty fish, lobster spaghetti, grilled scampi



This elegant and silky dry rosé made by Chateau Léoube is considered one of the best rosé wines in the region. A stunning wine showing strong maritime influences with mineral notes, perfectly complementing the fruit on the palate. A rosé for all seasons!

Grapes: Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvedre & Syrah

75cl, ABV 13.5%

This well-structured, harmonious and slightly sweet sparkling wine features aromas of white pulp fruits, apples, peaches and floral notes reminiscent of wisteria and acacias flowers

Available Bottle Content: 75cl

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