Gentlemen’s Soda


Two years after the successful launch of Three Cents products, Three Cents decided to introduce to the market a new premium soda that has been in their hearts and minds since day one. The Gentlemen’s Soda was to embody the freshness and complexity of the most unique Mediterranean citrus in one extraordinary soda. So, they’re decided to combine the refreshing flavors and scents of aromatic bergamot and zesty mandarin along with other flavorsome natural ingredients and carbonated water so as to maintain its long lasting effervescence and create one of the most premium mixer in the market.

The Gentlemen’s Soda is one of the most unique sodas in the world as it has managed to capture the citrus notes of the Mediterranean in a single bottle. It can be enjoyed plain, as an aperitivo drink or used as a base for a mandarin cocktail, a long drink or even in premium recipes of non-alcoholic cocktail. Its name was inspired from the word berg-amot(i) meaning gentleman’s pear in the Turkish language. The design from Three Cents Gentlemen’s Soda is inspired by the famous painting “Son of Man” 1946 by Rene Magritte – Belgian surrealist artist.

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