Company Profile

ACM Christofides Ltd is an innovative industry leader in the import and distribution of premium spirit brands, world class whisky, and exceptional wines and liquors for the Cyprus market.

Our company maintains an extensive portfolio that includes globally renowned and highly awarded brands. This has been achieved through our tireless pursuit of exciting quality products so as to best serve and inspire our clients with some of the world’s most loved drinks.

With a distinguished history that began in the 1930s, this family business continues as one of the country’s most acclaimed distributors of a broad range of drinks categories. In fact, ACM is the oldest distributor of The Famous Grouse outside of the United Kingdom, with the highest per capita consumption from all markets.

Today, the management of the company remains a family affair with the founder’s son Marios Christofides and grandson George Apeyitos at the helm. Their fresh outlook on market needs is combined with a driving spirit to seek out and add to the company’s already remarkable portfolio.

As a result, every new product is closely scrutinised by our experienced team to ensure that only the finest brands become part of our company’s product range.  This rigorous process is further complimented by the exceptional product knowledge that each team member maintains and continually updates, and which is shared with our consumers.

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